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Why Colt customers call at significantly higher quality levels.


Colt’s industry leading quality levels are closely connected with it’s excellent operating expertise as well as with a careful technology vendor and system selection. That’s why Colt placed very high service demands on Aarenet. These demands included a convergent, holistic and sustainable technical approach.   Important focus was placed on traditional and future oriented telephone services, a detailed operational concept for business and operator customers as well as a personal and flexible on-site support during the design and implementation phase of the overall system.


To meet the mentioned requirements, the Aarenet VoIP Switch was chosen as the core component of the whole system. This switch system was installed and configured geo-redundantly in Colt’s secure data centers. The AareNet VoIP switches are redundantly interconnected with Colt’s Class 4 systems using SS7-gateways. Business customers are directly attached to the Aarenet VoIP Switch via Colt’s own managed IP network. This network architecture ensures a high availability, impeccable customer quality and high security levels. The uncompromising design and proper implementation of the solution allows Aarenet to guarantee Colt a system availability of 99.999%. This is equivalent to an annual downtime of less than 5 minutes that has been proven in practice. Since the commissioning of the system in 2007, not a single system failure was registered, although thousands of business customers, and thus tens of thousands of users, make their telephone calls constantly around the clock on this mission-critical system.

On the customer access side, gateways of Aarenet’s partner Patton are used. These provide telephone interfaces depending on the configuration as PRIs, BRIs or SIP trunks. The end-to-end control from the gateways to the interconnection points of the switches are technically under the control of the Aarenet system. On one hand, the experienced (MOS) and the measured quality level (availability, delay, echo, post-dial-delay, etc.) is guaranteed, on the other hand, the technically demanding operation of fax is ensured.

Since telephony is a mission-critical service, no compromises on quality could be made from the first day. The system was therefore initially operated as a managed service by the Aarenet team. After a thorough testing and training phase of the whole system, operations were successfully transferred to Colt.


Colt was able to increase quality levels of telephony services through the use of Aarenet’s system. The number of voice trouble tickets with Colt’s administrative and technical customer service departments fell sharply after the implementation.  The competent support of Aarenet’s dedicated team helped in the design and implementation phase and saved Colt a lot of sparse time and operational costs. Aarenet’s commercial and flexible managed service model produced a positive effect on the strained Colt Capex budget.

About Colt

Colt Technology Services is Europe’s information delivery platform, enabling its customers to deliver, share, process and store their vital business information.

Since 2007, we have never had an Aarenet system outage and our customers experience significantly high quality levels.

Georg Langlotz, Operations Director Switzerland