Voice Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises

How Interplanet has implemented more efficient services for its business customers with the Aarenet Voice Platform.

Situation / Baseline

Interplanet Srl provides since 1995 Information Communication and Media Technology services to customers throughout the northern regions of Italy. Born as an Internet Service Provider and Web Agency, Interplanet has gradually grown its offering into the fixed line telephone market focusing on business customers. Based on the fast-growing demand for services highly focused on multimedia and collaborations tools, Interplanet has developed its infrastructure to continuously meet traditional and future communications needs. Today, all connectivity, storage, voice and back up services are managed within proprietary datacenters, equipped by highest security and functional technology standards.


Since 2018 Aarenet VoIP Switch was chosen as the core component of Interplanet’s voice infrastructure. The Aarenet’s switch system was deployed to interconnect redundantly with Interplanet’s datacenters. The AareSwitch was set up to offer the full range of functionalities, going from virtual PBX to class 5 and class 4 services.

Interplanet worked with Aarenet to implement customized versions of the mobile SIP and of the webRTC client. These tools allow to operate and manage C5 and vPBX extensions, while having fully personalized graphical layouts on mobile devices. The teamwork collaboration has achieved several milestones so far:

  • certification for the SIP interconnection with Telecom Italia covering all services has been completed successfully
  • the full migration to AareSwitch of all class 4 services, including WLR, flexible routing, MNP, lawful interceptions, handling of emergency calls with geo-localization, and all are now in full production
  • the implementation of class 5 and vPBX services for SME moving from traditional fixed lines to VoIP, allowing for smooth migrations and adding advanced security features and integrations

Interplanet and Aarenet teams are today closely working to bring new generation services that will further enhance functionalities and competitive new solutions for demanding voice business customers.


Since the implementation of the Aarenet Carrier class VoIP system, Interplanet has been able to improve efficiency of deployed telephony services, and most importantly enhance quality and control of operations.

The key differentiator factor has to be found been in Aarenet’s Support and R&D teams, for its capability to provide daily highly efficient know how and support to Interplanet Engineers. The flexibility provided by Aarenet’s VoIP system has allowed Interplanet to customize its voice solutions, and bring more productivity to its customer base, while also integrating and optimizing existing management and billing systems thanks to Aarenet’s system open interfaces. With strategic plans paying more and more attention to mobile and unified communication tools, Inteplanet looks at Aarenet as a key technology partner, open to receive discuss and deliver specific implementation requests, while being transparent in sharing road map guidelines and future developments of its technology.

About Interplanet

Interplanet is today interconnected to all major Italian and International data exchange hubs, such as MIX in Milan, VSIX in Vicenza, TOPIX in Torino, and the AMSIX hub in Amsterdam. Coverage of the Italian territory is completed by reaching productive and industrial areas with FTTH (Fiber To The Home) technology, replacing legacy copper based networks, and providing broadband services to enterprises with direct fiber IP access. All information about Interplanet Srl can be found at www.interplanet.it.

Interplanet is also an active member of “AiiP” (Associazione Italiana Internet Providers www.aiip.it), gathering a large number of Italian internet providers focused on sharing technology know-how and trends of a fast evolving Italian market.