Solutions for Cable- & Fixed Network Service Providers

Why can expand quickly.


Aarenet provides Netplus SA since 2012 with a carrier grade voice solution. In 2016, the new Aarenet system generation has been installed combined with a hardware refresh and -optimisation, to cover the realised and future planned expansion of the system. Netplus SA offers through the Aarenet VoIP switch residential and corporate oriented voice solutions. For the corporate solution, a separate system has been installed to enable a differentiated feature upgrade and support approach. On the corporate system, Netplus, through their partners, will also offer virtual PBX solutions for business customers. On the residential system, many users benefit from the smartphone application that offers a location independent integration of the fixed telephone line on a smartphone app. By using the app, reachability can be improved and roaming call charges can be significantly reduced.


A hybrid design approach supports the existing customer equipment, maintains the rapid growth of, and the technological development in the fixed network. The core component for installation and configuration into the geo-redundant datacenters at is the Aarenet VoIP Switch.  Both switches are again redundantly connected via SIP-trunks and dedicated high-speed IP-connections to the carrier-interconnection points to ensure a failure-free telephony operation. Although the majority of all customers still make phone-calls over the cable network standard MGCP, the use of SIP standard based equipment is increasing quickly. The fiber-optic FTTH-network access or DSL-based Internet connectivity connects the clients. The Aarenet VoIP Switch supports each common transport protocol and is operated without issues in this hybrid environment.

The integration of a multi-tenant real-time rating engine into the Aarenet VoIP Switch enables to generate raw billing-data to support the network-partners.


With the new system, partners can benefit from a future-proof and extremely competitive telephony platform. The rapid growth of the company, initiated by the integration of the connected partner networks, is fully supported technically by the Aarenet phone system. Personal, flexible and ongoing Aarenet support guarantees further expansion plans. Finally, the system also offers business offering solutions in form of cloud based PBX functionality and SIP trunking features to connect corporate customers to the network.

About SA SA is the third-largest CATV provider in Switzerland and the leading independent telecom company in the Swiss regions of Valais, Vaud and Fribourg. provides Internet access, telephony and television services to 160’000 customers through its own infrastructure based on the latest state-of-the-art network technologies (e.g. FTTH).