Solutions for Full Service Providers

Why Sunrise can address new customer segments.


Reliable and market-leading systems are an essential prerequisite for long-term success and the reason why Sunrise can continuously expand its strong market position. Therefore, Sunrise demanded from Aarenet an overall platform that provided full ISDN functionality based on IP transmission designed especially for the needs of business customers. Additionally, a reliable and flawless ISDN and VoIP hybrid-operation at a cost optimized structure with long-term efficiency was required. To produce an outstanding customer experience, a high degree of automation with respect to logistics processes and provisioning had to be provided.


Aarenet chose to use their own VoIP switch as the core system set up geo-redundantly in Sunrise’s Datacenters in Zurich and Bern to ensure maximum system availability. The internal interconnection to the Class4 switches from Sunrise was realized with SS7-gateways and the business customer locations were connected to the IP-network from Sunrise. The used VoIP gateways at customer sites support traditional ISDN and VoIP connections equivalently. With only two VoIP gateway types, Basic Rate- (BRI), Primary Rate- and SIP-Trunks for all type of business customers can be provisioned. These gateways need not be replaced when future access- or technology migrations from ISDN to VoIP at customer sites will be implemented. This is a big advantage for customers and Sunrise. The Auto-Provisioning that has been developed by Aarenet simplifies and automates the logistics and the underlying processes at highest degrees. These processes lead up to the Sunrise Customer Portal, through which customers administer and configure themselves. If a customer orders additional telephony lines, these lines are provisioned rapidly by Sunrise and are usable for those customers with only very little delay. Sunrise is setting new standards in favor of their customers and therefore can differentiate itself from the fierce competition. Aarenet is operating the solution as a Managed Service for Sunrise around the clock and ensures a smooth operation for the demanding business customers.


Sunrise was able to roll out phone features designed by Aarenet specifically for the Swiss business market, increase the voice quality and to get rid of a legacy situation. The unique technical solution from Aarenet combines the traditional ISDN and the future VoIP telephony ideally. New and important customer segments can now benefit from the leading Sunrise telephony services. These customer segments include doctors, hospitals, hotels, lawyers, etc. that now are using specific phone features over IP that only can be provided in that form and at that cost structure by Aarenet. The automated logistics processes enable Sunrise to faster deliver services to customers and thus increase a positive customer experience.

In close cooperation of all involved persons at Sunrise, Aarenet realized a successful implementation of the designed platform with their flexible Professional Services Team and enabled a rapid introduction of new Sunrise phone services across Switzerland in one go. The continuous operations of the platform around the clock is guaranteed by Aarenet in order that Sunrise can concentrate on business customers and their requirements and can keep at the same time the cost structure at a low level.

About Sunrise

Sunrise is the only privately held telecommunications provider in Switzerland that covers the full range of telecoms: Mobile, fixed network, Internet and digital TV.

The flexible Aarenet team and the stable, hybrid telephony-platform impressed and surprised us positively at any time.

Arndt Wagner, Product Manager Sunrise