Solutions for Incumbent Service Provider

Why VNPT-Net selected Aarenet to augment their Enterprise service offerings.


VNPT-Net is the incumbent Service Providers for Media, Internet and Telephony services in Vietnam. VNPT-Net’s services comprise of Mobile, Fixed Line, Leased Line, IPTV, IP infrastructure, Call Centre, Content Network Delivery and Video Conferencing services for Residential, Government, Enterprise and SMB sectors. The services which are provided by VNPT-Net are of high quality, comprehensive, secure and future proof in line with their group’s mission.

In 2016, VNPT-Net awarded the Carrier Mobile PBX solution tender to Aarenet with intention to replace their existing legacy solution with an all-IP platform. The goal is to attract more Customers nation-wide and to achieve higher ARPU by delivering advanced and desired Mobile PBX solution as a bundle with existing wireless services. Aarenet supported VNPT-Net to migrate existing Customers from the legacy system to the Aarenet all-IP platform in the utmost seamless fashion.


With the support from Aarenet Headquarters personnel in Switzerland, the APAC team collaborated with the various VNPT-Net departments to scope the detailed project requirement definition and assigned resources to complete the project in a timely manner as per VNPT-Net’s expectations. Every major milestone from system design, commissioning activity, installation and integration of the new Aarenet platform were carried out with precision and the highest level of quality assurance. User Acceptance formality and certification training took place before the APAC team handed control of the Aarenet platform to VNPT-Net in readiness for mass service deployment and migration activities.

Post system installation, the Aarenet APAC Operations team activated premium technical assistance services for VNPT-Net with our 24/7 support SLA. Aarenet helped VNPT-Net to solve all teething issues swiftly and professionally ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. The successful implementation of the VNPT-Net system was a team effort and the relentless leadership and support from our Headquarters. It has been four years since the commissioning of the Aarenet platform which has been operating and delivering services to VNPT-Net Customers like a well-tune machinery without any service interruption. The system has gone through software upgrades to deliver new functionality for the End-users in the quest of meeting their business needs.


Aarenet delivered key tangible benefits to VNPT-Net and their Customers with a high-quality Swiss-made solution that is matured, carrier-class reliability, feature-rich and widely deployed throughout the APAC region. However, Aarenet personnel from our Headquarter and regional service hub in Ho Chi Minh city were the key differentiator. Aarenet personnel were fully committed to support VPNT-Net diligently in every phase of the project ensuring a highly successful deployment that exceeded all expectation of VNPT-Net Management, Project Personnel and including those of the End-users.  

The Aarenet platform delivered to VNPT-Net can do more than what it was commissioned for; additional services such as Mobile SIP Trunking can be deployed easily to off-load traffic from GMS gateways which normally would assert heavy load on VNPT-Net wireless infrastructure. Off-loading this traffic will provide efficient usage of their BTS and cell networks.

Most importantly is the Operational Support and Training infrastructures which Aarenet has established in Vietnam since 2016. Swiss certified Engineers, Trainers and Supporting Staffs who station at the Aarenet APAC regional office can provide the post-sales support needs for VNPT-Net in the local language. Our 24/7 NOC can help to react to system alarms in real-time and prevent issues before it can affect the Customers’ service level agreement.

Due to the success of this project, in 2018, VNPT-Net awarded another project to Aarenet to supply a Carrier Class solution delivering Cloud PBX, SIP Trunking, Cloud Call Centre, 1800/1900 and Short number services for Business Customers nation-wide.

The upcoming Aarenet AS7 release will deliver enhanced UCC services for VNPT-Net’s Business Customers meeting their discerned collaboration needs. An Connector provides bridges allowing cross-platform communications while anMeet delivers seamless and enhanced Web Video Conference capability. AS7 will further strengthen Aarenet’s value proposition to VNPT-Net and their Customers.

About VNPT-Net

VNPT-Net, the incumbent Telecommunications Service Provider in Vietnam, is a subsidiary of the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group. Other members within the group are:

  • Regional Telco Members
  • VNPT-Vinaphone
  • VNPT-Media
  • VNPT-Technology

VNPT-Net’s service portfolio comprises of Mobile, Fixed Line, Leased Line, IPTV, IP infrastructure, Contact Centre, Content Network Delivery and Video Conferencing services for Residential, Government, Enterprise and SMB sectors. 

VNPT-Net's transmission network infrastructure which is expansive and modern covering terrestrial, marine and satellite systems:

  • National Fibre Networks
  • Interprovincial MPLS Transmission Backbone
  • VINASAT Satellite System
  • Marine Fibre Optic Cable System
  • Terrestrial International Fibre Network

VNPT-Net Headquarters is located at:

30 Pham Hung Street
Ward My Dinh, District Tu Liem
Hanoi, Vietnam