Aarenet an der ITNOG7 in Bologna (Italien)

Aarenet recently attended and sponsored ITNOG7 event taking place in Bologna, Italy, on May 9th and 10th. ITNOG is a non-profit Italian organization focused on sharing know how and creating synergies among Italian network operators, carriers and service providers. With the attendance of the public growing year over year, the event has kept its original highly focused technical format and informal setting.

Based on previous year’s positive experiences, Aarenet decided to enter the group of sponsors of the event this year. “We are very happy of our participation at ITNOG this year. Aarenet is today recognized as an established player in the voice carrier grade solutions market in Italy, and for us it’s been very important to meet our customers, while also have the time to meet and have a drink with new contacts and discuss new opportunities” said Michel Balabio, Regional Director South Europe at Aarenet.

The aim of the ITNOG organization is to improve the quality of the Italian internet, by promoting the exchange of information and ideas across the board, from C-level executives to professionals and network technicians. “ITNOG7 has delivered an agenda of detailed contents, addressing interesting ideas and changes involving today’s Italian data and voice networks” said Simone Bianco, Technical Director Italy at Aarenet.

Aarenet looks forward to next year’s edition, knowing that coming back to Bologna will give not only the opportunity to spend time with long-term contacts and new partners, but also attend a buzzing event where opportunities are openly shared.

Aarenet  an der 15-Jahres-Feier von FPT Telecom International (FTI)

Aarenet is excited to announce its participation in the 15-year anniversary celebration of FPT Telecom International, one of its most valued Customers in Vietnam. The event, which took place on April 21st, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, was an opportunity for Aarenet to celebrate this memorable milestone, to show appreciation for the longstanding partnership and to discuss future growth opportunities together with FTI Management.

Since the beginning of their collaboration, Aarenet and FTI have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship, working together to drive innovation and growth in their respective industries. Over the years, Aarenet has been committed to providing FTI with their latest Carrier Class solutions resulting in significant milestones and successes for both companies.

Aarenet is proud to have been a part of FTI's journey over the past 15 years. It's been a privilege to support their growth and contribute to their success," said Felix Jakob – Aarenet CEO.  "We look forward to strengthening our partnership and exploring new opportunities together in the years to come."

The anniversary celebration included a series of events such as keynote speeches from FTI Management as well as FPT Telecom Group Executives to thank their partners and customers, networking opportunities and the exiting entertainment programme “Euphoria” aimed at showcasing the achievements of FTI, the strong partnerships that have contributed to its success and the rich Vietnamese culture. Aarenet representatives, including Mr. Bao Vo – APAC Director and Mr. Chanh Pham – Vietnam Chief Representative attended this event to engage with FTI Management, other industry leaders, clients, and partners.

Neuer Aarenet Sprach- und Video-Client "anDesktop" für Windows und macOS

Aarenet announces today that it has released the newly developed client “anDesktop” for Windows and macOS systems as a Beta release to be used for extended field trials.

Following requests from different carrier customers, Aarenet developed a new desktop client for Windows and macOS. Market requirements confirm the benefits and increased use of software-based clients versus desktop SIP phones also related to the trend towards working from home or in other flexible setups and locations. The desktop client, named “anDesktop” allows access to the corporate cloud PBX telephone book, the possibility to configure specific account features like call forwarding, voice as well as video calling complemented with a screen sharing function and a full view of the call history as well as access to the personal voice mail box.

Next to being used a stand-alone desktop client, the application also provides the base for the anTeams plugin for MS Teams users. This plugin enables Microsoft Teams users to make calls from the MS Teams application. This cost-effective solution integrates the phone system and the external PSTN number into the MS Teams application without the need for dedicated telephony licenses.

Frank Remmers, VP Product Management, says: “We have developed a user-friendly yet powerful desktop client. Also, our carrier customers asked for the possibility to customise and brand the client to distinguish the offering from other, commercially available, clients. We have implemented a process to minimise the required steps to activate the client on the desktop and make it as easy as clicking on an activation tile without the need to enter account credentials. Combined with our smartphone client “an IP-Phone” we can offer a powerful combination for flexible deployment in dispersed locations. First feedback from customers is very positive and we expect that the client will be released for commercial deployment soon.”

Technologie Workshops von Aarenet und Netregy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Aarenet announced today that they co-hosted the technology workshops with Netregy Systems for Resellers and Carrier Partners in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The workshops took place from September 26th to 29th of 2022 and they were enthusiastically participated by Netregy’s Resellers and Carrier Partners in Malaysia. The well-chosen establishment to host the workshops was the international acclaimed restaurant De.Wan by Chef Wan where Malaysian gourmet culinary was served in a traditional and elegant environment. The venue enabled the participants to network with each other’s, learn new solutions and dine together in harmony. The presence of Aarenet CEO - Mr. Felix Jakob promoted Aarenet’s strong commitment for the Malaysian market.

“It was a great experience and pleasure to be back in Malaysia after a prolonged two and half year period. The global pandemic has changed how the world communicate and interact; we, at Aarenet AG, used the time to design and deliver a new variety of enhanced communications tools which remove geographical limitations and boundaries for our Business customers and end-users.”, said Mr. Felix Jakob.

Mr. Deric Ng, Managing Director of Netregy Systems commenced the workshop with his warm welcome speech, followed by Aarenet new product presentations delivered by Mr. Bao Vo - Director of Aarenet APAC. 

“Integrating UCaaS and CCaaS will be the latest hot trend for the Enterprise sector. We can assist our customers to pinpoint areas of opportunity by shaping and delivering intuitive Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions for their internal communications and customer interfacing operations. Our solutions will also empower seamless digital transformation evolution for our business customers in Malaysia.”, said Mr. Deric Ng.

“CCaaS is one of our most important product releases in 2022 and it was officially launched during the Vietnam Partner Conference in June of this year. CCaaS enables our Service Provider customers to deliver contextualised omni-channel contact centre services over the public internet reaching all business customers in Malaysia easily, timely and cost effectively. Aarenet CCaaS solution removes many limitations from today’s on-premised legacy contact centre systems while incorporating advanced features and integration capability with third-party systems such as AI, AR and VR.”, said Mr. Bao Vo.

Due to the keen interests demonstrated by the participants of the technology workshops, Aarenet and Netregy are mobilising resources to prepare for the launch of Aarenet cloud-based omni-channel contact centre solutions in Malaysia during Q4 of 2022.

Aarenet an den FIBERDAYS 22 in Wiesbaden

Aarenet hat am 14. und 15. Juni 2022 zum dritten Mal mit einem eigenen Stand an der Glasfasermesse des BREKO Verbandes in Wiesbaden teilgenommen. Eine gute Gelegenheit, viele der bestehenden Kunden persönlich am eigenen Messestand zu begrüssen und neue Kontakte zu knüpfen.

Mit den professionellen Carrier Lösungen und den ergänzenden Applikationen wie SmartPhone Clients, WebRTC Phones und UCC (Unified Communications and Collaboration) Lösungen konnten weitere Interessenten für das Aarenet Produktportfolio gewonnen werden. Speziell das MS Teams Applet anCall, welches eine kostenoptimierte Telefonieintegration für Microsoft Teams ermöglicht, sowie die erweiterte Personalisierungsmöglichkeiten der White Label UCC Lösung stiessen auf grosses Interesse.

Über die BREKO Messe:
Die Leitmesse rund um den Glasfaserausbau deckt die Themen Digitalisierung, digitale Infrastruktur und Glasfaserausbau ab. An der diesjährigen Messe waren über 230 nationale und internationale Aussteller und mehr als 5’000 Fachbesucher aus dem In - und Ausland anwesend.

Erste Projekte in der MEA-Region

Aarenet is proud to announce that it has established its first Points of Presence in the MEA region, in West Africa.

Aarenet has signed Cloud Service Agreements with Lithium Africa Consulting and Soft Innovation Technologies.

In Ivory Coast, Lithium-Africa Consulting is active in the field of consulting services, intermediation, and commercializing telecom and fintech solutions to carriers and enterprises. 

In Benin, Soft Innovation Technologies is an established System Integrator active within the ecosystem of banks, GSM networks, and large enterprises.

Both companies are evolving in growth markets where Data Center and SIP Trunking services are not fully commercialized. They are approaching their respective markets with a solid and competitive vPBX and UCC offer that is accessible for enterprises of all sizes.

They have confidently selected Aarenet because:

  • The Aarenet solution is Swiss engineered & reliable
  • The Aarenet proposition meets the requirements of their respective target markets
  • Aarenet has a solid reputation and references in Asia-Pacific, succeeding in a similar emerging market environment
  • Aarenet is affordable and competitive

Lithium-Africa Consulting and Soft Innovation Technologies are both confident that SIP Trunking is in its infancy in Africa. VOIP has significant growth potential, in a marketplace where massive investment in fiberoptics infrastructure is omnipresent but under-monetized.

Aarenet Vietnam Partner Konferenz 2022

Aarenet announced today that they hosted the Vietnam Partner Conference 2022 on June 10th, 2022 in Ha Long, a World Heritage City in Northern Vietnam. 

As this is the first event that Aarenet has organised in Asia since the dawn of the COVID pandemic, there were strong participation from more than thirty Systems Partner companies and selected Carrier Customers spanning the Service Provider and Government sectors as well as different Enterprise verticals.

This conference focused on Aarenet’s new Enterprise and Carrier solutions such as CCaaS, UCaaS and AI Technology. The keynote speakers also delivered market trend updates, go-to-market strategy, strategic partnership initiative and an interactive demonstration session of the emergent products.  

“This event was well received by our Partners and Customers. We used this occasion to launch our new unified communications and omni-channel contact centre solutions for both the Carrier and Enterprise sectors. We intend to go-to-market with our Partners to deliver feature rich and cost-effective solutions that matches the digital transformation initiatives of the Vietnam Government and the Enterprise sector.”, said Mr. Felix Jakob - CEO.

“There have been strong interests from our Vietnam Partners for Aarenet newly launched omni-channel contact centre solutions. Aarenet is working with our Strategic Partners to deliver desired services for all sectors of local addressable market. Our go-to-market strategy is to provide highly functional, ease of customisation and attractive commercial offerings to meet the expectation of discerned Customers. With our comprehensive resources in Vietnam, Aarenet will deliver excellent post-sales support services to further differentiate our offerings.”, said Mr. Bao Vo - Head of Aarenet APAC.

The Aarenet Vietnam Partner Conference 2022 was kicked-off with a keynote address by Mr. Felix Jakob - CEO followed by special guest speaker, Mr. Pavel Vrzák - Frontstage CEO (FrontStage is a Technology Partner of Aarenet AG). Other keynote speakers were Mr. Bao Vo - Head of Aarenet APAC, Mr. David Puckett - Pre-Sales Director, Mr. Chanh Pham - Vietnam Chief Representative and Mr. An Nguyen - Channel & Marketing Manager. Other guest speakers were from Leeon Technology, Mr. Le Thanh Tung (CEO) and Dinosoft, Dr. Nguyen Le Quan (CEO).

Based on the success of this event, Aarenet is looking forward to hosting our APAC Regional Partner Conference in Bali Indonesia in November 2022.

Message des CEO – Aarenet Status-Update während Covid-19 Pandemie

It has been more than two years since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak resulting in unparallel disruption and significant changes to our daily and business life.

In Europe, most of the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted and we are back to some normality but it will most probably never be the same again. Many companies and businesses have adapted their processes and allowed employees to work - at least partially - from home. The demand for Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions has gained significant traction over the past two years and will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. We believe that the requirements will also evolve, especially with respect to quality, reliability and privacy. At the beginning and during the pandemic, people were happy to have a video conferencing solution at all, but today and in the future, people will gradually consider and question how secure and private such a solution is. This is exactly the key differentiator and advantage of Aarenet’s secure Unified Communication and Collaboration system namely anConnect which was designed to deliver the needed privacy and security for the discerned end-users. The anConnect system is E2EE (end-to-end encrypted) for voice, video, chat, document sharing and much more.

In Asia, some restrictions are still in place but it will be possible to travel internationally again by April. We have observed more and more business traction in some Asian countries compared to a few months ago as projects which were previously postponed or delayed are now on the radar again. With our local Aarenet team and partners in the region, we are close to the customers and can overcome travel restrictions to conduct our engagement professionally. The phrase ‘think global, act local’ has a compelling importance for us. We think global when we develop our products to fit into the global market, but we think local when it comes to customer relationship. We have planned many local events together with our partners in the coming months; such an example is our Vietnam Partner Conference which will be held in early June and other events will follow.

We are now at the beginning of the endemic phase and it is reassuring that we can go back to some normality and familiar routines. I hope this is the last status update on Covid-19 but if something is for sure - it will never be the same as before.

Felix Jakob, CEO Aarenet AG

Aarenet anCall Applet für Microsoft Teams Benutzer

Aarenet is pleased to present anCall, an applet that delivers a cost effective and user-friendly telephony experience for MS Teams users. Without the need to obtain dedicated MS Teams phone licenses, users can use, control and customise telephony settings of their own Aarenet CloudPBX extension and are able to originate calls to internal extensions and external PSTN destinations.

Outgoing calls can be originated via the MS Teams desktop client with the Aarenet anCall applet installed.  Aarenet anCall applet is also available on the smartphone devices where MS Teams has been installed and originated calls are handled via the native dialer.

Frank Remmers, sales director at Aarenet says “next to the telephony integration in the Microsoft Teams interface, the anCall applet provides a user-friendly interface to configure features such as call forwarding and do-not-disturb, and enables to view the call history as well as listening to the personal voicemail messages.   

What is really powerful is the ability to control connected SIP Phones that are registered on the same extension. Using the CTI interface, the user can use his desktop computer to initiate calls on the connected desktop phone. Many commercially available phones support this feature by default and this feature provides a great user experience as the dialled number does not need to be dialled by hand.”

The applet will be part of the new Aarenet anSwitch, version 7.7 which is planned to be released by end of March 2022 and can be installed by the customer’s MS Teams administrator.

Further information can be found in the download section or through following link: Applet for Microsoft Teams - "anCall"

Aarenet Partner Konferenz 2021

Aarenet, the “CONSIDER IT AS DONE” Company, announced today the Asia Pacific 2021 Virtual Partner Conference which took place on November 23rd, 2021 was completed successfully with the participation of more than sixty partners, systems integrators, and select customers in the APAC region. The event was live-streamed from Aarenet HQ in Switzerland and the APAC regional office in Vietnam.

“It has been two long years since we were able to meet face-to-face with many of our partners and customers due to the travel restriction instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This event was intended for Aarenet to celebrate the strong and benevolent partnership we share with our partners in the Asia Pacific region as well as the opportunity to deliver company updates, market trends and exciting emerged product lines. It was an honour for me to be a keynote speaker and witnessed the crowning of Aarenet Partner of the Year 2021,” says Bao Vo, APAC Regional Director.

The virtual conference was kicked-off with a keynote address by Mr Felix Jakob, CEO of Aarenet followed by the panel discussion session where Mr. Jakob answered strategic questions posed by the audience and internal team members. This list of Aarenet speakers included Mr. Luzi von Salis – Board Member, Mr. Frank Remmers – Sales Director, Mr. David Puckett – Pre-Sales Director and Mr. Quan Phi – Operations Manager.

Besides the strategic initiative delivery by Aarenet senior management team, the focus of the conference was on the emergence products driven by the rapid marketplace adoption of digital transformation such as UCaaS, CCaaS and CPaaS. The interactive sessions including exciting demonstrations captured the essence of the conference participants.

The conference ended with the announcement of Aarenet 2021 Partner of the Year who is I-COM, a Systems Integrator Partner based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Follows by the lucky draw of the photo submission by our Partners. The lucky draw winners are:

  • First Price – Microtel Singapore (Mr. Lim Wai Meng)
  • Second Price – PT Astel Indonesia (Mr. Dwi Siswanto)
  • Third Price - MCALL Vietnam (Mr. Khoa Nguyen)

This virtual partner conference was conducted using Aarenet’s own collaboration tool – anMeet and Aarenet CEO confirmed that the 2022 Partner Conference will take place in Bali, Indonesia in November and they look forward to meeting all Partners in person.

FrontStage und Aarenet intensivieren ihre Zusammenarbeit

We are pleased to announce that Aarenet and FrontStage have decided to strengthen their cooperation and to realise a Cloud Contact Centre offering in the Czech Republic.

Following the incorporation of the Partner Agreement in June 2020, FrontStage and Aarenet have adapted and enhanced their systems to enable interoperability. This resulted in a solution where the FrontStage contact centre solution and the Aarenet VoIP platform interact to enable all voice communications for the connected contact centre agents. The release of Aarenet’s new Cloud PBX offering in July 2021, together with the supervisor features which are part of the newest release 7.5, forms the base for a new Cloud-based Contact Centre offering, targeting to address small and mid-sized companies. Especially this specific market segment will benefit from a hosted solution and may use the full suite of the functionality provided by Frontstage’s state-of-the-art Contact Centre.

FrontStage Contact Centre application deliver effective communications by focusing on the complexity of human interactions and business process integration. Their products are instrumental in overcoming the prevailing negative perception of contact centres on the part of both customers and agents. FrontStage has been designed to make the agent’s work more efficient and pleasant, and to bring an amazing experience and improved human contact to customers.

“We have been relying on third-party business communications platforms that only provided limited flexibility towards modern cloud technologies and multitenant deployment. With our joint development forces, we can now tailor a solution together that connects both platforms in the best way possible together. Combined with the reliability provided by Aarenet’s carrier-grade solution, we can offer an excellent Contact Centre solution for our customers who prefer a pure cloud solution instead of an on-premise solution”, says Pavel Vrzak CEO of Atlantis Telecom.

According to Frank Remmers, Sales Director of Aarenet, “This partnership will leverage the existing solutions of both companies. The joint development departments have worked very closely to realise the integration. This will complement our existing UCC solution with the required Contact Centre component and thus will open many new opportunities on the market”.

API Workshop für Entwickler-Partner in Vietnam

Aarenet announced that it hosted the Virtual API Workshop for Developer Partners in Vietnam on July 29th, 2021. Aarenet have developed a rich library of APIs to facilitate integration flexibility for third-party applications as well as the development of niche applications for their current installed base of Carrier Class VoIP platforms.

The workshop was conducted online with the participation of over fifty Guests from twenty-one different Companies. Mr. Chanh Pham – Vietnam Chief Representative opened the workshop with his keynote address focusing on the “Aarenet API Library Developer Programme”. Followed by an in-depth technical presentation and use-case demonstration for each of the API by the Aarenet Operations team headed by Mr. Quan Phi. Aarenet team also introduced the sandbox environment where their Partners can utilise it for testing and development purposes. 

During workshop Q&A session, Aarenet received numerous exciting and informative questions from the participants. “We are pleased to attend the Aarenet Virtual API Workshop and through this info-session, we will be investigating the integration of Aarenet VoIP system with our Carrier Partner’s online-charging system to further enhance our service offerings and product portfolio for the Business Customers.”, says Mr. Tung Le, General Director of Leeon Technology Ltd.

With the success of the Virtual API Workshop, Aarenet announced that they will host future technology update sessions virtually for Customers and Partners in the region during this COVID pandemic period.

“The past sixteen months have been a difficult and challenging period for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how we work and conduct business. As we are coping with the new normal, the APAC Aarenet team will always keep an opened mind while diligently listen to our Customers’ input and support them to grow their business with advanced tools and applications such as our API Library.”, says Mr. Chanh Pham, Vietnam Chief Representative - Aarenet.

Vietnamesische Botschafterin in der Schweiz besucht Aarenet in Niederwangen

Madame Ambassador Dr. Le Linh Lan and Commercial Counsellor Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuong visited Aarenet HQ in Niederwangen on July 15th, 2021. The visit was in accordance to Viet Nam’s initiative to build a stronger economic tie between Viet Nam and Switzerland.

Mr. Felix Jakob, CEO of Aarenet and Management Member Dr. Christian Haeberli (VP R&D and Deputy CEO) hosted the meeting with Dr. Le Linh Lan and Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuong at Aarenet Headquarters in Niederwangen. Furthermore, Mr. Bao Vo (APAC Regional Director) joined the meeting via videocall from Ho Chi Minh City. Aarenet presented it’s technology solutions and delivered business updates for its operations in Southeast Asia. Indepth discussion took place on the COVID-19 vaccination strategy for Swiss companies with presence in Viet Nam as well as cyber security, data privacy and digital transformation trends within the Telecommunications industry.

“It is my great pleasure to visit Aarenet HQ in Niederwangen. I appreciate the opportunity to meet with the company's CEO Mr. Felix Jacob and VP R&D and Deputy CEO Dr. Christian Haeberli  and virtually meet with APAC regional director Bao Vo from Ho Chi Minh City. I am impressed with the technology solutions provided by Aarenet and their efficient operation in Viet Nam. I strongly believe that Swiss Vietnamese business linkage like this has great potential for closer cooperation not only during this challenging time of Covid-19 pandemic but also beyond the pandemic especially in the areas of cyber security and digital transformation in Viet Nam and Switzerland”. says Madame Ambassador Dr. Le Linh Lan - Embassy of the S.R. of Viet Nam.

“It was an honour for us to host Madame Ambassador Dr. Le Linh Lan and Commercial Counselor Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuong at our head office in Neiderwangen. It was a great opportunity for Aarenet to establish a direct relationship with the Viet Nam Embassy in Berne where we can further participate in business discussions and carry out joint cooperation to further enhance the already strong economic tie between Viet Nam and Switzerland which have flourished during the last five decades. I am looking forward to visit the Vietnamese Embassy in Berne to celebrate Viet Nam Independent Day in Septebmer.” says Mr. Felix Jakob, CEO – Aarenet.

Aarenet und PlanetComm liefern die COVID-Hotline für das thailändische Gesundheitsministerium

PlanetCloud who is the Service Provider arm of PlanetComm has been deploying turnkey and advanced Cloud UC Communications services to the business sector in Thailand. Aarenet is one of the key Technology Suppliers enabling a secure, reliable and featured rich solution for PlanetCloud.

The unprecedented event of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a devastating toll to every country in the world and Thailand was not spared. Together with PlanetComm, we want to make a difference within our capacity to support the Thailand Ministry of Public Health in fighting this catastrophic pandemic.

“Communications is of paramount importance in the effort of preventing and eradication of this terrible disease. With the support from Aarenet, we have cooperated with the Department of Disease Control and the Ministry of Public Health to deliver toll-free COVID-19 hotlines for all of our citizens. The hotline and contact centre services are highly reliable ensuring every call will be handled professionally and the relevant support personnel are standing by to deliver support activities to the callers if needed. I am grateful to be able to contribute PlanetComm resources to support our citizens during this difficult time.” says Mr. Prapat Rathlertkarn, CEO - Planet Communications Asia PLC.  

“Early in 2021, the Ministry of Public Health successfully implemented the COVID-19 vaccination programme for high-risk groups including frontline healthcare workers and authorities involved with disease control. On May 1st, 2021, we launched Mohpromt for both LINE Official Account and Mobile Application to facilitate vaccine reservation and appointment requests for citizens aged 60 years old and over as well as patients with chronic diseases. Initially, Mohpromt started well, but gradually, it had exhibited some technical and human-made problems. Therefore, we have set up a new Call Center System to assist our citizens in registering with Mohpromt, reserving vaccines, confirming appointments, recording the Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI), providing the vaccination certificate, and other minor functions. We received substantial software and hardware support from Aarenet and PlanetComm that help our Operators to carry out their work more efficiently and to expand this service up to 180 lines. With Mohpromt, we are able to ensure the vaccination system operates effectively which can reduce the risks of death. Our goal is to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and revive Thailand’s economy once again. Finally, the Ministry of Public Health very much appreciate your assistance with the effective Call Center system that includes an excellent core system and advanced Agent devices to serve our citizens promptly and progressively.” says Mr. Pongsadhorn Pokpermdee MD., MSc., Ph.D. - Senior Advisor to Ministry of Public Health, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health.

Aarenet is increasing our support level to PlanetComm to ensure all services are running smoothly and there is enough system capacity to cope with any surge with the Hotlines traffic. We will continue to monitor the PlanetComm system and will react quickly to any possible issue or obstacle facing us.

“The past twelve months have been a difficult and challenging time for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely change how we live and communicate and Aarenet has worked diligently to adapt our solutions to meet the new challenges and requirements of WFH program taking places in many countries around the world. We are pleased to be able to support PlanetComm with their COVID-19 hotline initiative by increasing the system capacity license and carrying out intensive system audit to ensure our system is operating at peak performance. Our Network Operations Centre in HCMC, Vietnam is standing by 24/7 to ensure we react quickly to every need of PlanetComm. We will continue to deliver our best possible support for PlanetComm now and in the future.” says Mr. Felix Jakob, CEO – Aarenet Inc.

Die Schweiz ist einmal mehr Innovationsführerin in Europa

Die Schweiz ist Innovationsführerin in Europa – sie liegt vor allen 27 EU-Staaten. Dies geht aus einem Bericht der EU-Kommission vom Montag hervor.

Bei allen Indikatoren, die für die Rangliste herbeigezogen wurden, hat die Schweiz demnach am besten abgeschnitten. Dazu zählen unter anderem das attraktive Forschungssystem sowie gut ausgebildete Arbeitskräfte. Ein weiterer Indikator ist die Digitalisierung. Unter anderem werden die digitalen Fähigkeiten der Bevölkerung beurteilt. Auch da schneidet die Schweiz gut ab. Auch Schweden – hinter der Schweiz auf Platz zwei – verfügt über gut ausgebildete Arbeitskräfte und ein attraktives Forschungssystem.

Im Bericht wird aber auch die starke Nutzung der ICT (der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien) hervorgehoben. Es wird unter anderem gemessen, ob Firmen ihren Mitarbeitenden IT-Schulungen anbieten oder wie viele Informatik-Spezialisten im Land sind.

Neben der Schweiz und Schweden sind Finnland, Dänemark und Belgien weitere sogenannte «Innovationsführer». Island, Israel, Norwegen und das Vereinigte Königreich werden in dem Bericht als «starke Innovatoren» bezeichnet.

Download des gesamten Berichts: https://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/documents/45973

Aarenet verstärkt seine Präsenz im Mittleren Osten & Afrika mit einem Regionalen Direktor

Aarenet has appointed Mr. Keba Amadou Sow, an experienced Dubai based Telecom professional, to develop the MEA market and reinforce Aarenet’s regional presence. 

He has excellent knowledge of the MEA telecom and enterprise communication market needs and is working with the leading brands in the MEA market.

Mr. Keba A. Sow said: "The MEA region is ripe for solid and reliable cloud-based services, particularly Virtual PBX and UCC services. Aarenet Carrier Grade solutions are globally known for their excellent quality and great scalability required by dynamic telcos and established enterprises in the MEA region."

Contact: Keba A. Sow - Regional Director MEA, Email: keba.sow @ aarenet.com

Mr. Felix Jakob, CEO of Aarenet said: "Aarenet has been extending it’s geographic footprint successfully over the past years delivering highly reliable and cost efficient communication platforms. Entering the MEA market with latest CloudPBX and UCC solutions is a logical next step for us."

Neue UC-Lösungen von Aarenet für den Unternehmenssektor

Aarenet has previously focused on delivering reliable, secure and featured rich UC platforms for Service Provider sector. To further expand its footprint in the UC market, Aarenet announced its decision to penerate the Enterprise sector with the newly released Enterprise UC systems covering a comprehensive and advanced collective of collaborative functions including Video Conference, Cloud PBX, Cloud Omni-channel Contact Centre Instant Messaging, CRM and Ticketing systems. Incorporating its sophisticated Call Control API, function such as Click-to-Call, Click-to-Chat and Click-to-Video can be easily implemented on the End-users’ Web sites. Aaarenet Enterprise solutions inherit many advantages of a carrier class solution such as high reliability, security and scalability.

“The availability of a comprehensive Enterprise UC solutions opens new opportunities for us in the APAC region. The APAC team has relentlessly cooperated with our HQ to ascertain a sustainable go-to-market strategy which includes new channel acquisition, certification training, market research, marketing concepts as well as conducting multiple seminars in selected countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. We are also cooperating with many regional software developers and systems integrators to carry out joined development in creating exciting and niche applications to further empower the Enterprise customers in a very competitive arena. Our Operations team is fully ready to support new Customers and assists the Sales organisation with POC and demonstration activities. We are excited with our new prospects and grateful to grow our regional revenue in a very tough COVID pandemic climate.” says Mr. Bao Vo – Aarenet APAC Regional Director.  

Aarenet also announced that its local APAC entity has collaborated with HSG Distribution – an Enterprise Value Added Distributor  based in Ho Chi Minh City to capture our first regional opportunity for three large Enterprise UC systems which are to be delivered in June of this year.

“We are pleased to sign the Channel Partner agreement with Aarenet and are ready to work with the Aarenet APAC team to penetrate the Vietnam Enterprise sector which covers over seven hundred and sixty thousands registered businesses. We are  confident to work with Aarenet due to their vast deployment in Vietnam as well as their comprehensive support infrastructure on the ground ranging from 24/7 support, certification training facility and the ability to react quickly to meet demanding requests from Customers. We are delighted to deliver the first Enterprise project to Aarenet in the region for three of their Enterprise class UC systems and we look forward to a successful and long term partnership with Aarenet.” says Mr. Nguyen Son Hai – Managing Director of HSG Distribution.

Aarenet signed Collaboration Partnership Agreement for Malaysia

Aarenet announced that it has signed a collaboration partnership agreement with Aarenet Malaysia Alliance Sdn. Bhd., an entity based in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia specialising in IT, Telecommunications and Cloud Computing technologies and services. The goal of this cooperation is to deliver customised and turnkey Swiss next generation unified communication solutions that are secure, reliable, feature-rich and future proof for discerned customers and end-users in Malaysia.

Aarenet Malaysia Alliance has an expansive resource of local skilled personnel and infrastructure to provide integration and support activities as well as professional services to their customers. The strong synergy culminated from this partnership facilitates business expansion for both entities in Malaysia and it empowers their customers with the latest technology to take part in the digital transformation implementation.

“Aarenet has established itself as a major technology vendor in the Southeast Asia region supplying unified cloud communication and collaboration solutions for Tier 1, Tier 2, ITSPs, large Enterprise customers and Government sectors. Our Swiss-made solutions delivers advanced solutions that are reliable, secure, and scalable for our customers. Our APAC hub includes a 24/7 network operations centre which can deliver technical support for all customers around the clock as well as Certification Training facility to deliver on-premise or remote training programme to all of our Customers and Partners empowering them with the needed know-how to manage and operate their Aarenet solutions seamlessly.” says Mr. Bao Vo – Aarenet APAC Regional Director.  

“This partnership delivers exciting prospects for our customers and prospects in Malaysia. We look forward to working with Aarenet to expand our market share by delivering advanced unified cloud communications and digital transformation solutions to our customers. Our expansive footprint in Malaysia enables us to broadly deliver reliable, customised turnkey solutions, integration activities, sales and technical support services for all customers nationwide.” says Datuk Ravishanker – Aarenet Malaysia Alliance CEO.  

About Aarenet
Aarenet, the “CONSIDER IT AS DONE” Company, develops, realizes, markets and operates future-oriented and reliable VoIP Systems for Telecom-, Internet- and Mobile Service Providers, Cable Operators, Utilities and Enterprises. Systems and services are custom designed, implemented on time, deployed in excellent quality and operated in highest availability. Aarenet HQ is based in Switzerland with customer base in Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

About Aarenet Malaysia Alliance
Aarenet Malaysia Alliance is an innovative and reputable Systems Integrator and Service Enabler for IT, Telecommunications and Cloud Computing technologies and services, matching the needs of solution diversity for our discerned Customers and Clients throughout Malaysia.

Wachsende Zahl zertifizerter Aarenet Ingenieure in der APAC Region

Aarenet, provider of Carrier Class VoIP and UCC platforms, announced today their Certified Engineer community in the APAC region has been growing rapidly over the past twelve months despite the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in lock-downs and international travelling restrictions in the APAC region. 

The Aarenet Certification Training Program was established in early 2019 and Aarenet’s goal was to empower our Customers and Partners with in-depth operational know-how to extract the best performance from their Aarenet systems. It was also intended for Aarenet to form an engineering community enabling P2P, B2B and B2C collaboration and communication platform where information and know-how can be exchanged freely and easily among all companies and individuals. Having special access to Aarenet Technical Experts for the Certified Engineer Community can fast-track critical operational query which is a stern benefit for our Carrier Customers.

“I am working with our Headquarters in Switzerland to establish new Training courses focusing on the needs and feedbacks from our Customers. A Cybersecurity and Fraud Protection module has been highly anticipated by our Customers for early 2021. We plan to permit secure remote access to our Advanced Technology Lab for all Aarenet Certified Engineers, allowing them early access to the latest software releases and new feature development. This will enable our Carrier Customers to forestall and plan in advance their service deployment to guaranty strong incremental service revenue.” says Marcel Brunschwiler – APAC Training Coordinator.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had tremendous impact on all businesses globally.  Lock-downs, travelling restrictions, and government health advisories did not allow Aarenet to host certified training sessions at their Training Centre in Ho Chi Minh City since February. Aarenet Training Team was swift to react to the new normal and adapt all certified training courses to be attended remotely without affecting the course contents nor the relevant lab sessions. Aarenet has conducted Certified training courses on the monthly basis with full participation since April.

“The Aarenet Certified Engineer community is growing rapidly during the past 12 months and we are expecting a community of at least 150 certified Engineers by December 2020 in the APAC region. Aarenet is planning to host our first APAC Certified Engineering Symposium in Bali, Indonesia in 2020 pending positive development of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines availability. We will be working diligently during the next months to further develop our certified training programme to meet the needs of our Customers and build a broad and successful community of Aarenet Certified Engineers in the APAC region.” says Bao Vo – APAC Regional Director.

Neuer VoIP System Release 6.15

The new Aarenet VoIP System Software Release 6.15 has been approved for general application commencing September 30th, 2020. Effective immediately, newly deployed systems will be commissioned with this new software release. A seamless upgrade service for existing installations is offered without impacting the availability of active service.

The new version introduces “zero-touch” SBC deployment for MS Teams user who can benefit from the Aarenet VoIP Switch functionality through public network break in/out functionality. This is particularly interesting for home and flex-office workers without a dedicated workplace. MS Teams clients configured in parallel with an existing SIP phone or smartphone client or even without any associated phone can use MS teams in addition to corporate internal collaboration also for external voice communications.

A dedicated admin console for SIP trunks offers the possibility to set related features (line identification parameters, call forwarding and others) for the assigned numbers on the SIP trunk.

To monitor and report on call traffic quality, associated parameters are stored in the media trace of a call. This information provides valuable information in case the quality of speech of a call is not satisfactory and can be used for extensive (network) analysis.

Further to the new features, the new software version includes support for Fanvil X3U, X4U, X5U and X6U SIP-phones in the phone-provisioning sub-system. Backward compatibility with older versions of Aarenet software is possible through device profiles import.

The possibility to modify routing tables and numbering plans offers least cost routing features and improves the system’s security by dynamically blocking specific destinations. This will help to prevent fraudulent use of the system. General support maintenance and additional “an Web-Phone” feature integration are other valuable enhancements.

Details of included features within this software release will be communicated upon request.

Upgrade des Aarenet VoIP-Systems bei Saigon Postel in Vietnam erfolgreich abgeschlossen

Aarenet announced today the successful completion of the Carrier Class VoIP System upgrade for Saigon Postel (SPT Telecom) – Vietnam. The Aarenet Carrier Class VoIP System at SPT Telecom was the very first system that Aarenet commissioned and installed in the APAC region. During the past six years, SPT Telecom have been able to deploy advanced Virtual PBX and SIP Trunking services to Business Customers throughout Vietnam. To further expand SPT Telecom services, Aarenet successfully carried out system hardware refresh activities to deliver more powerful hardware in coping with the business growth rate while the latest system software was also introduced to deliver new functionalities and services for SPT Telecom and their Customers.

“In order to achieve this milestone, our APAC Operations team worked closely with the Sales organisation as well as SPT Telecom personnel to plan and agree our strategy of the upgrade activities as well as the migration process ensuring all services are not affected. My team and I are proud to be able to support SPT Telecom to achieve our objectives in delivering a much more powerful and feature rich Carrier Class VoIP System for SPT Telecom which will enable additional capacity and functionalities for new Customers. I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the SPT personnel for their valiant effort in supporting Aarenet AG to complete this project in the utmost professional fashion.” says Mr. Quan Phi – APAC Operations Manager.

The success of this project solidifies Aarenet’s long term partnership with their Carrier Customers. It also signifies the continuous development of Aarenet technology to deliver state-of-the-art solutions ensuring a future proof and effective investment for Aarenet’s global Customer base.

“We are thriving to deliver the latest technology and services for our Carrier Customers to ensure they will always have a competitive edge in their business venture in a highly demanding and evolving Telecom market. SPT Telecom is an important premier Customer of Aarenet and we will do our absolute bests to meet their requirements as well as the End-users’.” Says Chanh Pham – Vietnam Chief Representative.

Erfolgreiche Inbetriebnahme eines Carrier VoIP-Systems bei der Telecom Kambodscha

Aarenet announced today that it has successfully deployed a Carrier Class VoIP system for Telecom Cambodia with the support of our Regional Systems Partner, ITG Communications (ITGC). The Aarenet VoIP System was integrated with Telecom Cambodia IMS platform facilitating advanced Cloud Voice and Collaboration services for the SMB, Enterprise and Government sectors in synergy with the strategic Digital Transformation initiatives of the Cambodian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT).

 “Cambodia has been engaging in several phases of economic reform and infrastructure modernisation developments. Digital transformation and advanced communications technology are some of the fundamental vehicles to transform and stimulate growth as well as delivering the competitive edge for our Enterprise sector in the global stage. The Small and Medium Enterprise sector is the foundation of the Cambodian Economic stable which will thrive and flourish with our Government’s initiatives. We look forward to the bright outlook instigated by this project and I wish everyone who has been involved in this project much success.” said H.E. Chea Manit – MPT Secretary of State and Director of Minister’s Cabinet.

Furthermore, our Regional Partner ITGC will be spearheading several activities by working side-by-side with Telecom Cambodia Personnel to build a sustainable and comprehensive go-to-market strategy as well as providing technology information transfer sessions to Businesses and their Leaders to captivate a successful deployment concurring with the initiatives of the Cambodian Government.

“The Aarenet VoIP system has been fully commissioned, and in parallel, ITGC is integrating advanced back-office systems to enable fully automated service orchestration work-flow in preparation for the Telecom Cambodia’s soft launch.  We are excited with our initiatives to support Telecom Cambodia in delivering advanced unified communications and collaboration services to the Business Customers.” said Alex Phoon – ITGC Director.

Aarenet has completed the User Acceptance formality and handed control of the Carrier Class VoIP system over to ITGC and Telecom Cambodia. Our APAC Operations team is ready to provide our Premium 24/7 technical support ensuring a successful deployment for our Customers and Partners.

“Aarenet’s Asia Pacific team with the support from Headquarters in Switzerland is looking forward to support Telecom Cambodia in its future endeavor ensuring excellent post-sales support and gratifying experience for the end-users. We will continue to develop and enhance our solutions ensuring service revenue growth and operational cost reduction for Telecom Cambodia.” said Mr. Felix Jakob – Aarenet CEO.

Message des CEO – Aarenet Status-Update während Covid-19 Pandemie

The Covid-19 pandemic has instigated negative impacts to our daily life and businesses. Thanks to the many lockdown measures in Europe, we are back to some normality. As a result, travel is possible again between many European countries as well as many other activities which were previously inhibited. This has allowed us to ramp up our business step-by-step in an almost regular fashion. But the recent increasing number of new infections in Europe reminds us that the virus is still there, and new lockdown initiatives could be reinstated towards the winter season.

In Asia where the Governments have enforced much tougher regulations result in a complete travel ban between different countries. Therefore, we had adapted to do almost everything remotely and this was a very challenging but rewarding decision. For example, Certification Training has been conducted on-line since April with good success. Most notably, system installation activities have been carried out remotely for all PoC and Carrier-grade systems successfully by the Operations team with on-site support from our Systems Partners. The concept of having local staffs close to our Customers as well as a NOC in Vietnam to service our APAC Customers, has proven to be the right decision. We don’t expect travel to be possible between Europe and Asia before the end of the year.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our annual APAC Partner Conference which was planned for November in Bali. Depending on local Covid-19 situation, we plan to host local seminars to inform our Partners and Customers about new developments - especially the new AS7 major release with enhanced virtual PBX and UC functionality.

I am looking forward for us returning to normalcy step-by-step ensuring safety for all Aarenet employees.

Felix Jakob, CEO Aarenet AG

Vertriebspartnerschaft mit Atlantis (FrontStage)

We are pleased to announce that Aarenet and Atlantis have signed a Distribution/Partner Agreement, joining forces to strengthen their position in the Telco market by sharing the different experience they have towards Enterprise and Carrier Grade solutions.

FrontStage Contact Center application deliver effective communications, by focusing on human interactions and business process integration. Their products are instrumental in overcoming the prevailing negative perception of contact centers on the part of both customers and agents. Their products have been designed to make the agent’ work more efficient and pleasant, and to bring an amazing experience and improved human contact to customers.

“We are very excited to work with Atlantis” says Tommaso Missoni, Product Manager for Aarenet, “FrontStage is a top-tier quality Omni-channel Contact Center application that provides a robust, fully-featured, future-proof solution. Sharing the same qualities, we believe that we can easily expand the scope of application to the Carrier Market, providing an integrated cloud solution delivered using Aareswitch Class 4, Class5 and Virtual PBX services.”

According to Pavel Vrzak, CEO of Atlantis Telecom, “Aarenet is providing their customers with a highly reliable carrier-grade platform which fulfils the needed functionality as well as the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs. That’s exactly matching the customer focus of Atlantis Telecom. We are excited to have such experienced carrier switch provider as a partner. Together, we can provide now carrier-grade omni-channel contact centre platforms on the European and Asia-Pacific markets.”

About Aarenet
Aarenet, the “CONSIDER IT AS DONE” Company, develops, realizes, markets and operates future-oriented and reliable VoIP Systems for Telecom-, Internet- and Mobile Service Providers, Cable Operators, Utilities and Enterprises. Systems and services are custom designed, implemented on time, deployed in excellent quality and operated in highest availability. Aarenet HQ is based in Switzerland with Customer base in Europe and Asia Pacific regions. For more information, please visit: www.aarenet.com.

About Atlantis Telecom
For over 26 years, Atlantis Telecom has been a Value Added Distributor of innovative ICT solutions with a background in telephony, UC and networking technologies. A cornerstone of Atlantis Telecom’s business is its internally developed innovative, fully programable omni-channel contact centre platform named FrontStage. FrontStage is built on a scalable, open-architecture providing open integration to all popular Unified Communications platforms and is powered by the latest cloud technologies such as Docker containers, Kubernetes containers orchestration and support for Azure and AWS. We’ve created the world’s most feature-reach and cost-effective on-prem or cloud contact centre platform. More information is available on the Atlantis FrontStage website at www.frontstage.cc

Erfolgreiche Inbetriebnahme eines Carrier VoIP-Systems bei VNTT Vietnam

Aarenet announced today that it had completed the deployment of a Carrier Class VoIP System for VNTT – a Regional ITSP based in Binh Duong province, Vietnam. The newly installed Aarenet VoIP System empowers VNTT to deliver advanced Cloud Voice and Collaboration services for the SMB, Enterprise and Government sectors in Binh Duong province.

“It is my pleasure to include VNTT as part of our success story for Aarenet in the Vietnamese market. Since our Regional Office’s inception in Ho Chi Minh City five years ago, we have been on an incredible journey where Aarenet has been able to deliver our Carrier Class UC and VoIP solutions to all major Internet and Telephony Service Providers in Vietnam. I am proud to be a member of the Aarenet APAC team and thrive to deliver many more success stories for our business expansion in Vietnam,” said Mr. Chanh Pham – Regional Sales Manager - Aarenet APAC.

Furthermore, Aarenet and its local APAC team are looking forward to build a sustainable and comprehensive go-to-market strategy for VNTT to captivate a successful deployment concurring with the initiatives of their Executive team.

Aarenet had also carried out the relevant certification training for VNTT Engineering Staffs to build a strong system knowledge foundation for our Customers. Our Regional 24/7 Network Operations Centre has taken the necessary actions to include the VNTT system in our monitoring and trend analysis network ensuring protection around the clock.

The succesful deployment of the VNTT system further strengthens Aarenet’s position in the SE Asia region.

Erstes Remote Zertifizierungstraining für APAC-Carrier-Kunden

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and associated traveling and MCO restrictions, Aarenet has developed a new remote training infrastructure, which allows Trainees to participate in Aarenet Certification Training courses from their home office environment.

Last week, the first fully 4-day remote training with seven participants from three APAC countries has taken place. The training consisted of four full days including the final certification exam.

Aarenet is pleased to congratulate all seven Trainees for successfully mastering the Aarenet Certified Associates (ACA) exam during the remote training session.

Due to the successful first remote training and all the positive customer feedback, Aarenet will continue its remote training program during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m extremely pleased that the hard work during the last few weeks has paid off and we can continuously provide technical training for our valued customers”, said Marcel Brunschwiler - APAC Training Coordinator.

Message des CEO – Aarenet Status-Update während Covid-19 Lockdown

The global outbreak of Covid-19 following by the lockdown policy in the many countries has created unexpected changes in the organisation and communication within Aarenet. Felix Jakob, CEO of Aarenet comments on the internal and external impact of this pandemic.

“As Covid-19 continues to impact the worldwide business, I want to share an update on the necessary implementation we have taken to ensure business and operational continuity for our employees, partners and customers. At Aarenet, the health and safety of all our employees, partners and customers are our main focus and it is our number one priority.

We strictly follow the advisory of the relevant governments as well as health authorities and in compliance, we have implemented a series of measures to limit all risks of infections to an absolute minimum. We have initiated a worldwide travel ban for several weeks and in all of our offices, policy was instated where only the most vital positions need to be available in persons to avoid infection exposure. The rest of our employees are working from home whenever possible.

We are using our own Unified Communication and digital Collaboration tools to create a comfortable, functional and efficient mobile working environment for our employees while they are working at home. It is vital for us that our partners and customers receive a satisfying level of support as they have experienced in the past during this difficult period. We also observe a rapid increasing demand from our customers for such UCC tools. Moreover, through teamwork and advanced preparation, we have been able to support our service provider customers to cope with sudden surge in the usage of their communication infrastructure. Thanks to the quality and robustness of our solutions, we did not face any system failure and through swift system upgrades and expansions, we managed to comply with the increased traffic volumes. We have observed in the past weeks an exceptional effort of our customers and the entire Aarenet team working together in a cohesive and pragmatic fashion to warrant normalcy status during this difficult period.  

The situation is changing every day and we will continue to adjust our policy if deemed necessary. I am confident that we will be able to maintain our service levels for our global customer base ensuring that they will receive our support and services without any disruption or quality degradation.”

Felix Jakob, CEO Aarenet AG

Neuer VoIP System Release 6.14

The new Aarenet VoIP System Software Release 6.14 has been approved for general application commencing April 10th, 2020. Effective immediately, newly deployed systems will be commissioned with this new software release. A seamless upgrade service for existing installations is offered without impacting the availability of active service.

Among the many newly developed features, software release 6.14 introduces a new software licensing scheme. In this scheme, concurrent call licenses and account licenses are split and can be ordered and upgraded independently from each other. This offers specific advantages in a setup where traditional class5 usage is combined with class4 gateway trunking in the same system. The new license setup will be applicable for new deployments only. Existing customers will continue to use the existing license scheme.

Further to the new licensing scheme, the new software version includes support for Fanvil X3SP, X4, X6 and X7 SIP-phones in the auto-provisioning sub-system. Backward compatibility with older versions of Aarenet software is possible through device profiles import.

The new SBC White-Black List filtering provides an enhanced layer of security to the SBC functionality. Multiple SIP header checks can be executed to ensure that only the correct SIP messages arrive to the system while dropping malicious one.

To facilitate the re-use of an existing vPBX extension for a new co-worker, a special feature to renew an extension has been created. This function will clean-out all relevant personal data of the previous user, without changing the call distribution and phone configuration of the specific extension.

General support maintenance and additional “an Web-Phone” feature integration are other valuable enhancements included in the new version.

Details of all included features within this software release will be communicated upon request.

Aarenet stellt neuen APAC Pre-Sales Director vor

Aarenet announced today that Mr. David Puckett has joined the Aarenet APAC team as Regional Pre-Sales Director. Mr. Puckett is based at Aarenet Regional Hub in Ho Chi Minh city and his primary responsibility is to lead the Pre-Sales team and to work side-by-side with other regional teams as well as our Headquarters in supporting pre-sales activities in the APAC region.

Mr. Puckett has worked with reputable international Telecom Technology Vendors prior to joining Aarenet. His comprehensive 20+ year employment experience span technical to management roles. 

Aarenet welcomes Mr. Puckett as a key member of the Aarenet APAC Management team and we look forward to cooperating with him and build a stronger presence for Aarenet in the APAC region.

“I am extremely excited to be in the APAC region working for Aarenet. The growth potential here for us is tremendous as we have already established ourselves firmly with over twenty-five Service Provider Customers ranging from Incumbent Carriers, Government, Defense and large Enterprise sectors. It is a plus that I will be working alongside my long-term friend and colleague, Mr. Bao Vo, the APAC Regional Director. We have already mapped out a sensible and sustainable strategy for 2020 and this will allow the APAC team to extend unparalleled services, support and sales to the entire region.”, said Mr. David Puckett.

Aarenet Partner Konferenz 2019 in Siem Reap, Kambodscha

Aarenet, a Swiss Telecom Technology company, announced today that they hosted the third annual APAC Partner Conference which was held in Siem Reap - Cambodia, a world heritage city and gateway to the historic and magnificent Angkor region. 

“The 3-day conference was a summit of Systems Partners, selected Customers and distinguished Guests from nations within the Asia Pacific region. We jointly celebrated successes accomplished through the Aarenet’s Systems Partner network and to recognise the Aarenet’s Partner of the Year 2019 who has demonstrated the highest level of performance and ingenuity over the past year.”, said Mr. Felix Jakob – Aarenet Inc. CEO.

“It was an honour for Aarenet Inc. to welcome H.E. Chea Manit, Secretary of State, Director of Minister’s Cabinet and his delegation from the Cambodian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to deliver a warm and inspiring keynote address to the audiences.”, said Mr. Bao Vo – APAC Regional Director.

This event extended an exclusive and exceptional opportunity for the various Aarenet organisations (Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Operations, Training and senior Executives) to deliver educational sessions, technology updates, roadmap, parallel workshops and sales strategies to assist our Partners in driving results and develop technological competency. Our Partners and Customers have also taken the occasion to networking and shared proven best practices with one other.

The event concluded with the prize giving ceremony for the Certified Engineer of the Year 2019 award and a vote was taken place to select the venue for the 2020 APAC Partner Conference. The Philippines and Thailand were the top choices followed by Indonesia and Vietnam. 

“It was a privilege to present the premier Certified Engineer of the Year 2019 award and I look forward to meeting all Aarenet’s Certified Engineers at our Technical Symposium which will take place during the second semester of 2020 .”, said Mr. Marcel Brunschwiler, APAC Training Coordinator.

“This year Partner Conference was a success due to the valiant and tremendous efforts by many Aarenet APAC personnel and logistics support extended by our colleagues in Switzerland. It was a great experience to meet with all our Partners, Customers and Guests. I appreciate their participation and look forward to seeing them again at the 2020 event.”, said Mr. An Nguyen, APAC Business Development Director.