Aarenet Desktop Client - "an Web-Phone"

Aarenet “an Web-Phone” is a desktop client for Windows and MAC operating systems. The application, based on WebRTC, provides a browser-oriented application that connects to the Aarenet VoIP System. It provides a phone extension without the need to connect a physical device. Chat and group chat functionality, secure voice encryption as well as video call support(*) complete a suite of business applications.

"an Web-Phone"

With “an Web-Phone” you can make and receive calls on your desktop PC. To start a call, enter the digits and press the call button. Alternatively, select an existing contact from the contacts list and press the call button. Incoming calls will be notified with a pop-up screen on the display.

Contacts can be searched by a name or a number lookup in the search field.

If the application is running in the foreground, an incoming call is indicated to the user and the call can be accepted (voice call or video call) or declined.

Video Calling, User Status and Instant Messaging

Busy state status can be made visible for all stored contacts which are connected to the same system and supports real-time status updates. During an active call, the user status is automatically changed to “busy”. Instant message functionality to any online contact further increases the user experience. Calling to any compatible IP phone or to Aarenet’s smartphone client “an IP-Phone” in video mode (*) completes the set of comfort features.

"an Web-Phone App" Desktop Application

Although the use of a browser-based client may provide an easy access to the application, it also requires an open window in a compatible browser to enable incoming calls to the user. To enhance the reachability of the user, a standalone desktop application, “an Web-Phone App” has been developed. Using this application, a standard executable desktop application is visible in the taskbar of the client.

"an Web-Phone" License

The application used in a browser or as a stand-alone desktop application is provided as a free of charge license for users of an Aarenet VoIP system. In future releases, Aarenet will further develop the application with CTI and call comfort related features and functionality.


The application allows basic customization prepared by Aarenet. The logo visible in the application and used colors can be defined per system. This enables to promote the public corporate design of the carrier solution.

Supported Main Features (*)

  • Integration in corporate numbering plan for Virtual PBX configuration
  • Direct Access to the corporate (vPBX) telephone book
  • Secure voice path through voice encryption using SRTP
  • Direct Access and setting of account features (Call Forwarding, DND, CLIP/CLIR)
  • Touchscreen compatibility
  • Conference Feature (Video)
  • Browser oriented WebRTC client
  • Stand-alone app available for Windows and Mac
  • Video calls with compatible devices
  • Busy state information for vPBX subscribers
  • Favorites dialing
  • Auto Provisioning of SIP account
  • Chat and Groupchat functionality
  • Integrated call log (history)
  • Voice mail direct access integration
  • Multi Language support
  • Windows version 7 or higher
  • MAC OS version 10-Yosemite or higher
  • Audio-codecs supported: Opus, G722, PCMA/U
  • Video-codecs supported: VP8, VP9, H264

(*) specific features may depend on the operating system deployed and the software version used. The correct function of the application on a virtual machine or on older OS system versions is not guaranteed. The voice quality of the call will depend on the available access bandwidth.