Enterprise Virtual PBX 

More and more business customers abandon their own PBX.

Aarenet Virtual PBX offers outstanding benefits to the voice provider and their customer. Voice providers receive a scalable highly available platform including extensive tools for provisioning, operations and support. To customers the solution of Aarenet features a balanced set of functionalities with a comprehensive offering of devices.

Cloud based PBX Functionalities

Virtual PBX or IP Centrex Systems offer PBX functionality provided by a centralized system. The customers only require terminals such as IP-phones, IP-DECT systems and analogue terminal adapters (ATA’s) for fax devices. The solution is very appealing for enterprises with geographically disperse locations that do not want to acquire their own local PBX and prefer to use the Virtual PBX services of a Telecom Service Providers.

The Aarenet Virtual PBX functionality includes features such as conference calls, call-forking, group-calls, voice-mail, IVR and UCC integration. A fully integrated fixed-mobile convergence solution ensures the seamless operation and handover between Wi-Fi, GSM/mobile and fixed line voice networks. The "one number" concept enables a transparent call-distribution amongst mobile and fixed IP phones.

Advantages of a Cloud based Virtual PBX

For corporate customers, the use of a Virtual PBX offers a wealth of advantages. The initial low investment and the fact that the system is cloud based and managed by the provider. The possibility to use the service for flexworkers or to integrate new branch offices very easy, the integrated location independent numbering plan for the company and free calls for all internal communication are the main, but not the only advantages offered by a Virtual PBX.

The Virtual PBX is administrated via the Admin Centre (for PBX administrators and end-users) from any PC or Smartphone. Zero-touch auto provisioning ensures an effective rollout of all phones to the end customer.

IP Phone Zero-Touch Deployment

Auto-provisioning of SIP Phones reduces the installation and provisioning effort to a minimum. All necessary system parameters are sent to the device as soon as it is connected. The Aarenet VoIP-System generates the configuration set-ups for the various customers’ equipment and automatically uploads the settings to the devices. The loading of the settings may also occur in advance (off-site) before shipping the devices or may be downloaded after the connection of the equipment to the system (on-site). More than 100 devices of leading manufacturers are supported. Aarenet’s central management of the device settings allow an easy device swap in case of hardware replacement and offer significant time savings in the process of multiple device deployment.

Most SIP phones offer the possibility of full automatic provisioning of the features, keys and user credentials. Normally, this requires access to the manufacturer’s redirecting server, where the MAC address of the device can be linked with the route where the system is installed. If access to the redirecting service of the provider is not available or possible, manual provisioning of the SIP phones can be done. The Aarenet VoIP system provides a step-by-step online guide how the settings can be transferred to the SIP phone.

Aarenet VoIP system. This further simplifies the provisioning process of a SIP device as the setting of the redirection server is now handled automatically by the system. Redirect service of Yealink, Snom and Panasonic are supported and additional brands may be added in the coming releases.

Using this service, the installer only needs to populate the MAC addresses of the devices in the configuration portal. The Aarenet VoIP switch will contact the redirecting server and will set the required configuration. The advantages using this setup are obvious: SIP devices can be send to end-customers without the need to pass to the installer and will be configured upon start-up (Zero-touch setup). Logistics, distribution and configuration can thus be optimized.