Smartphone Clients

Mobile extension for extended reachability and ease of use supporting IOS and Android smartphone.

Aarenet “an IP-Phone” is a mobile client for IOS and Android smartphones that supports business and residential telephony in any location. Also, it features a seamless Fixed-Mobile Integration of the telephony service. It is using Voice over IP technology over either Wifi or mobile data networks (EDGE, GPR or LTE).

The smartphone app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Carriers can opt for a branded app that can be offered on their own app stores.

Automatic Provisioning with QR Code

Activating the application is a simple Plug and Play Process, in which the user only scans a QR-Code. After activation, the service will register in the VoIP System with the assigned number and apart from the activation code, there is no need to program or edit any user credentials. The user can now use fixed telephony services and benefit from fixed telephony rates anytime and anywhere and can save significantly on foreign roaming charges for mobile telephony.

Seamless Mid-Call Handover between WiFi and Mobile Data

“an IP-Phone” incorporates seamless handover from the WiFi local network to the mobile data network (EDGE, GSM or LTE) in case of missing WiFi coverage. This means complete location independence even during an active call.

Active calls are continued on the public network and are passed back to the WiFi local network if an active access point is detected again.

Extended Reachability through Enterprise Telephony

The contacts in the smartphone are imported in the client software to enable simplified contact dialling.

Both internal calls as well as external calls are indicated and enable a one number concept throughout the company. Overflow functionality to public mobile or voice mail (provided by the Aarenet VoIP System) ensure that calls will be answered even in the event of a missing data connection.