VoIP Systems

Aarenet provides turnkey systems build to specific customer requirements.

Aarenet's systems pervade all requirements of professional VoIP products in outstanding quality and high availability. Each system is custom built and configured according to the technical, administrational and regulatory requirements.

Aarenet cooperates closely with the development teams of its various partners to ensure the full integration of all building blocks in an unrivalled level of quality.


An Aarenet VoIP System consists of the Aarenet VoIP Switch, a Firewall or a Session Border Controller (SBC) and auxiliary devices such as a provisioning or UCC server. The connection to the public phone network (PSTN resp. Public Switched Telephone Network) is realised over SIP trunks or SS7 gateways. The customer premises equipment (CPE) is connected over broadband IP either directly as in the case of IP-phones or soft clients or indirectly with gateways as in the case of analogue phones or ISDN equipment. The integration into customer management or billing systems is realised through interfaces such as XML.

Positioning of the Aarenet VoIP Systems

Aarenet VoIP Systems are positioned between the customers' equipment and the Public Telephone network infrastructure. Aarenet Systems fit in three areas of operation and customer segments:

  • Aarenet Class 5 VoIP System
  • Aarenet Class 4 Interconnection System
  • Aarenet Enterprise Virtual PBX System

An Aarenet System supports all three areas of operation - Class 5, Class 4 and Virtual PBX.