Solutions for Cable Network Providers

Aarenet’s VoIP Systems support SIP and MGCP.

Issues of Incompatibility

Reoccurring issues of incompatible equipment of various suppliers at the customer sites are regrettably a reality. Whether and how reliable certain functionalities are being supported depends entirely on the devices and the suppliers. SIP and MGCP are not standardized universally, since the standards leave some room for interpretation to the producers of equipment. This results inevitably in incompatibilities between the equipment of different manufacturers. Contrary to ISDN devices, no mandatory tests exist. This explains why some of the equipment on the market will not live up to its promises, since the functionalities are implemented specific by the manufacturer within the standardisation.

Aarenet’s systems are capable of resolving the incompatibilities among the non compatible devices. Depending on the type of device and its firmware the respective profiles will be queried automatically in Aarenet’s system and the corrections will be implemented.



MGCP is common in many cable networks and many of the cable modems may not or only with massive efforts convert to SIP. The Systems of Aarenet are equipped with additional components to support the standards of MGCP. Depending on the system size and the number of MGCP subscribers to be supported, such components may be installed on the same hardware or on additional hardware components.

Routing and Rating

Optionally Aarenet systems may be furnished with several applications that support routing and rating.

A group of applications is responsible for actualizing the data for routing and rating by central database queries. This is necessary to route ported numbers correctly and to accurately rate value added service numbers.

Another group of applications generates various reports from the accrued rating data, including reports for various clients with their respective billing details for each account as well as reports for each single account showing all calling details.