Solutions for City Carriers

Aarenet’s services support up-and-coming VoIP operators.


The introduction of VoIP services is a major challenge for up-and-coming operators. Operators which are new in the VoIP business usually requires professional support.

VoIP is not plug & play, but rather a complex technology. The implementation of VoIP services requires profound experience in telephony as well as in IP and network technology. Many things may go wrong therefore experience is required to make VoIP work properly. The operation of carrier switching systems is demanding and the carriers need to comply with several legal requirements.

The specialists of Aarenet support the customers in planning, build up and implementing of switching systems. This includes the integration in existing systems, such as customer administration systems, billing system or external system for instance number portability databases. The specialists of Aarenet are highly experienced in operating carrier switching systems. Many customers leave the operation of the systems initially at Aarenet with the option to take the responsibility of operation at a later stage. Tailored to the customer’s demand Aarenet offers support in the areas of systems integration system migration, roll-out, interoperability testing and 2nd level support.

Size of Systems

Actually all Class 5 soft switches are scalable. The deciding question however is at which initial size and at which size of steps? Outstanding scalability is inherent to the architecture, logically, physically and by location.

The investments in infrastructure should go along with the growth of the subscriber base. Up-front investments should be avoided. This means a VoIP systems shall be extended synchronously with the growing number of subscribers.

The solution of Aarenet offers an entry level of 1’000 subscribers with the opportunity to grow at any time in steps of 1’000 or a multiple thereof up to a level of multiple 100’000 subscribers. The extension of the system may be aligned to the growth of business volume.

The investments will be driven by the growth of the revenue of the operators and is not dictated by technical systems dimensioning.